Managing Staff

  • 3 insights to increase your success by shaping the laughter around you.
  • Use connective humor skills to build an effective team, fast!
  • 30 simple humor strategies to develop a loyal, productive staff.
Managing Stress
  • Keep your team working as a team— even in tough times— with 17 humorous, proven, tension relieving techniques.
Managing Meetings
  • 16 ways to create productive meetings people want to attend.
Leave a Mark,
Not a Stain!

What every manager
needs to know
about workplace humor

Find out the Humor Secrets
Smart Managers Know!

AND, in the bargain, enhance your:

Management skills
Mental well-being
Promotional opportunities
Access to useful feedback
Teaching skills
Immunity to disease

Yep, it's true.
You can do all that by becoming adept at a simple, inexpensive, and neglected managerial skill: Connective Humor! This book will show you how to "Laugh your way to the top!"

Click Here for your copy and to learn how to

Manage to have more Fun - for only $14.95!



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